Innovation & Ideation

Through the use of extensive primary and secondary research, we bring to the surface opportunities that enhance our clients' portfolios.

What is innovation?

Innovation can be defined in a number of different ways depending on who you ask and how the question is presented. At Harrison Hayes, we see innovation through new products, services, solutions, and new customer groups. Our innovation research initiatives seek to fulfill the ultimate objective… the development of something different and better than what previously existed.

So, how do we do it?

In order to successfully innovate and ideate you must first understand the existing environment around you. Using our market analysis research, we seek to develop the existing landscape to identify unmet needs and new opportunities… even opportunities that customers do not know exist.

We then work with our clients in an iterative process to ideate new solution platforms. Finally, we validate our solutions through key customer feedback. Our final deliverables serve as business cases and strategy deployment roadmaps for our clients in order to successfully bring these innovations to market.