Case Studies

New Indication Evaluation


A leading global pharmaceutical company had successfully launched a product to treat renal cell carcinoma and was in pursuit of a promising new indication. To ensure that it created an effective "go-to" market strategy, the company was looking for assistance in attaining a clearer understanding of the market dynamics within the renal cell carcinoma disease state. Harrsion Hayes formatted a market landscape analysis to help the client determine the financial impact and geographic perspective of the new market opportunity, including the development of positioning points of competitive differentiation.

Our Solution

The market landscape analysis included a disease overview designed to synthesize available information on renal cell carcinoma pathology. It also included an assessment of regulatory, reimbursement and payer attitudes, which provided the client with insight into how physicians diagnose the renal cell carcinoma, as well as what impact payers have on those decisions.

The analysis also included a preliminary market segmentation to help the client characterize the renal cell carcinoma patient population and focus its efforts on the dominant physician specialties and payers. Finally, a plan and outline were provided for forecasting the market opportunity associated with the new indication, based on key market drivers and the level of unmet need. Primary market research was conducted with both physicians and managed markets decision makers to validate those hypotheses regarding payer influence on prescribing behavior.


Based on this market landscape analysis, the client had a clearer snapshot of the renal cell carcinoma disease state and was prepared with strategic decision making tools to best define targeted expectations for the future of their product.

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