Blog Series: Trends in Preventive Medicine

Traditionally when people think of healthcare, the first thing that comes to mind is treatment for a specific condition. Most people, for example, only visit their physician when they get sick or they are required to go. Even further, these same individuals take medicine only when they have to do so. As is often the case, treatment can be quite expensive.

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Venture Funds in Life Sciences

A new trend in the pharmaceutical world is to partner with up and coming biotech companies as they try to develop drugs to address unmet medical needs. Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson have been doing it for years through their own Venture Funds. Over the past two years, other life science entities such as Merck, Novo, and Medtronic have set up their own Venture Funds as well.

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What is Netnography and How Can It Benefit You?

Friday, March 1, 2013, by Louis Sakoda, Harrison Hayes, LLC

With the exponential increase in the general population's online presence over the last few decades, researchers have tried to capture the internet's true potential. "Netnography" is a fairly new concept that researchers are using to gain access into the minds of a widespread consumer base via cyberspace. So what exactly is Netnography? What are its advantages? Who is using it and what are they using it for? To find out, we must first understand its origins.

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Harrison Hayes' Charlotte Office is Hiring

Harrison Hayes's Charlotte office is currently seeking experienced sales candidates. The job description is as follows:

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Harrison Hayes is Hiring in Manhattan, NY!

We are looking for Business Development and Inside Sales candidates for our Manhattan, NY office located in Chelsea.

Harrison Hayes is a boutique innovation strategy firm that empowers clients by identifying, assessing and capitalizing on new market opportunities. We use unique, proprietary research methodologies to define new growth and acquisition strategies that allow clients to strengthen and expand their brands.

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