Future of Medicine Blog Series - Part II a: Bioprinting

by Dhruv Gupta, July 30, 2013

Innovation can present itself through many means and many mediums. Often, innovation in one sector can find applicability and usefulness in others. For example, let's look at the exchange of innovation between the manufacturing sector and the life sciences. When facing costs in producing and distributing products, manufacturers have to take into account labor and capital costs. While labor costs are kept in check by wage laws on one end, companies seek out innovation in capital production in hopes of reducing costs. The newest advent in capital cost reduction comes in the way of 3D printing, a low cost method of designing and producing products that uses a polycarbonate plastic hybrid that is both flexible and sturdy. The lateral spread of this innovation across different sectors displays the power of 3D printing as an innovation.

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Future of Medicine Blog Series - Part I: Magnetic Levitation

by Emily Podmore - July 30, 2013

Magnetic levitation is easiest defined in two parts. A magnet is an object (a piece of iron, steel or alloy) that produces an invisible field that attracts and/or repulses other magnets. Levitation is the process by which a physical force suspends an object against gravity. When combined, magnetic levitation refers to the suspension of an object through the physical force of magnetism: a magnetic field exerts pressure that counteracts the effects of gravity.

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Future of Medicine Blog Series - Introduction

by Emily Podmore - July 29, 2013

We are halfway through 2013, so that means we should have jet-pack travel and flying cars by now, right? Twenty-five years ago, our vision of the future was probably drastically different from reality; however, just because you can't hover along on your commute, doesn't mean that technology isn't making huge and advanced strides.

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Preventive Medicine Blog Series - Part VI: Cloud & Medical Technology

by Rutvik Joglekar, July 8th, 2013

Technology, in the same way that it has altered the way we live, continues to revolutionize medicine; but rather than only focusing on medical equipment used for the treatment of diseases, we must explore technology utilized in the sphere of preventive medicine as well.

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Trends in Vaccine Rates (Infographic)

by Rutvik Joglekar, July 2nd, 2013

An infographic look into the rates of vaccine administration.

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