06/28/13 — 14 Comments

Preventive Medicine Blog Series - Part IV: Nutrition and Nutraceuticals

by Rutvik Joglekar, June 28, 2013

In an attempt to combat poor nutritional practices, it may be wiser to encourage patients to consume nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals, or foods, beverages, and supplements that provide medicinal benefits, could be used as a tool to preemptively avert the onset of crippling diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Many Americans drink green tea, for example, because they believe it will contribute to weight loss and other health benefits. Despite all the supposed advantages of nutraceuticals, definite research must be conducted to see if certain products can aid in patient health. With the advent of high drug costs and treatment, nutraceuticals may certainly be a more popular and financially feasible option for patients.

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06/07/13 — 11 Comments

Blog Series: Trends in Preventive Medicine

Traditionally when people think of healthcare, the first thing that comes to mind is treatment for a specific condition. Most people, for example, only visit their physician when they get sick or they are required to go. Even further, these same individuals take medicine only when they have to do so. As is often the case, treatment can be quite expensive.

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03/22/13 — 15 Comments

Venture Funds in Life Sciences

A new trend in the pharmaceutical world is to partner with up and coming biotech companies as they try to develop drugs to address unmet medical needs. Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson have been doing it for years through their own Venture Funds. Over the past two years, other life science entities such as Merck, Novo, and Medtronic have set up their own Venture Funds as well.

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08/23/12 — 3 Comments

Big Data/Predictive Analytics Study Results

Study Overview:

The goal of this report is to explore executive perceptions and opinions about real time data applications and operations. We have interviewed over forty (40) Key Innovation Leaders who have been cited as the most innovative thinkers within the world of analytics and have documented distinctive case studies which have clearly optimized business intelligence.

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08/23/12 — 7 Comments

Geographic Insights: Information Technology to 2015

Over the next 15 years, a wide range of developments will lead to many new IT-enabled devices and services. Rapid diffusion is likely because equipment costs will decrease at the same time that demand is increasing. Local-to-global Internet access holds the prospect of universal wireless connectivity via hand-held devices and large numbers of low-cost, low-altitude satellites. Satellite systems and services will develop in ways that increase performance and reduce costs.

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