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Harrison Hayes Launches New BioArbitrage Fund

CHARLOTTE, NC, February 10, 2014/Press Release: Harrison Hayes, a boutique innovation and strategy consulting firm, announced the launch of a new BioArbitrage fund today.

The BioArbitrage fund will identify undervalued assets, typically early to mid stage molecules and technologies, that will be optioned for a specific period of time.

These assets will then be packaged, advanced and branded to optimize value. Through Harrison Hayes Transaction Advisory, these assets will be marketed to strategic buyers which have been identified based on previously disclosed pipeline acquisition criteria by pharmaceutical, device and medical technology companies.

The fund will be managed by Harrison Hayes and based out of its Manhattan office.

BioArbitrage Fund One Performance Metrics

Total Invested dollars: $40MM (Fund size was $50MM)

Total Proceeds on Investments: $160MM

Total Gain on Investments: $120MM

Gross Multiple: 4x

Gross IRR: 39.2%

Multiple Including Mgmt Fees: 3.2x

Gain Including Mgmt Fees: 32.9%

NET Multiple: 2.56x

NET IRR: 28.6%

About Harrison Hayes

Harrison Hayes is a boutique Innovation Consultancy focused on driving new revenue growth for our select clients in the life sciences. We accomplish this by forging innovation strategies, developing and ideating new products and businesses, and accelerating their path to market.

We are a highly differentiated company as we intersect the dynamics of creative product development, innovation research, and intellectual property identification.


Perry Lewis 704-798-8193

Kim Miller 704-451-0324


The Bio Arbitrage subsidize will recognize underrated assets that will be auctioned in the open marketplace for instant return.

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This is something interesting and really glad to learn about new venture, looking forward to hear more from you. Thanks for sharing the news

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This certainly sounds like an interesting new venture. It would be nice to see another vehicle for advancing undervalued assets like these. Hope that you provide updates on this new BioArbitrage fund moving forward.

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