Our Company

Harrison Hayes is a unique strategic research and advisory services company focused on the business of life science. We enable our clients to identify, assess and capitalize on new market opportunities and human capital.

About Our Company

The phrase "strategy consulting" can be deceptive in its simplicity - particularly in the life sciences market where progress and technology depend on a complexity of skill sets and contacts to achieve success.

Harrison Hayes maintains alliances with select members of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, drug delivery and supporting sectors of the industry. Our tailored focus places our offerings far above those of traditional multi-industry consulting firms and allows us to operate within a timeframe that exceeds our clients' expectations. We know the life sciences industry like no one else, armed with a skilled team of analysts and consultants from the medical, scientific, research, marketing and business development communities.

It is our fierce commitment to stay ahead of industry trends that has earned Harrison Hayes our reputation as an industry leader. With our razor-sharp focus trained exclusively and completely on the life sciences, Harrison Hayes identifies the most valuable opportunities, partnerships and talent.